you need to know that what is the size

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you need to know that what is the size

Postby adamozxct » Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:42 pm

Turning to ?page two? , the legendary radio host announced the celebration of a matrimonial reunion in a small county of the United States. With a voice rising just at the right moment to emphasize the unique partnership, he shared with listeners of a couple celebrating their sixty second wedding anniversary.

Listening to the broadcast, I began to think about this amazing partnership. Two unique individuals sharing a path of memories, trials , and love. I began to wonder how they actually met, how their paths crossed many years ago. Were they guided to meet while setting at a soda fountain, or was it from an introduction that began through a friend. Another possibility may be that they were neighbors while in their early youth, and the friendship in later years became love.

For sixty-two years the couple outlined a path for others that became a part of their unique path. Her parents were introduced to his parents , and quite possibly gathered together for family celebrations. Through the years the couple may have been given the blessing of children. Together they guided their children with parental love and protection. Along the path their adult children walked their own isle of matrimony while the parental couple sat together hand in hand in the front row, tears of pride and happiness softly trickling down their faces.

For sixty-two years this partnership laughed together, cried together, and worked together as one.

?So when they move on , will they still be husband and wife??

Unity has always been a part of creation. A part of the creation began with the unity of man and woman for it is written that ?it is not good for man to be alone?, thus the creation of matrimony. Marriage is so important in an earthly plan that the subject's expression is highlighted many times in the greatest book ever written.

It is simply a part of the earthly plan.

I feel when one completes their earthly plan, we began (or move on) to life-everlasting. We are together with those loved ones who completed their earthly plan before us. We also continue to guide and protect those we love who are still in earth's plan. Simply, I feel we remain together forever with those we love.

?When we move on , do we remain as husband and wife? A more complex question, what if one while in life had more than one husband or wife??

I have had those who have asked the question above with a look of an ?I hope not? expression, followed by a laugh of relief upon receiving the answer. I guess they do not want the earthly emotion of jealousy to stir up the happiness we receive when moving on.

Along one's earthly plan, we are given important titles along the path. We may become husband or wife , brother or sister. We may be given the blessed title of being a parent, or a grandparent. Each title given is with a purpose, a responsibility, and of love.

When we move on I feel the titles given on earth remain on earth , but the love from the title continues. The love for the wife is a unique gift given along an earthly path, and love is a part of life-everlasting. A wife's love for her husband begins on earth, and continues forever in life-everlasting. Both share memories together that is carried on in everlasting. One may have shared memories with another wife or husband along their path, but they are memories of one.

Can you just imagine the many memories the couple of sixty-two years will share ? in everlasting?

Keep the faith , Rick

The shutters are installed to provide protection and they are available in the market in different styles and sizes and different type of shutters are designed for the function differently. There are certain security door stutters, there are shop front roller shutters, cabinet shutters, industrial door shutters etc. All these shutters are constructed for different purposes and each type has its own importance. For example , in our homes and in offices we use the security window shutters and these shutters are remote control or our sensitive to the fingerprints of the owner. They are designed in such a way that they will open only when the owner will open it otherwise it will remain closed for the stranger.
The advantage of this is that the thieves cannot enter into your office or the house. The cabinet shutters operate in the same manner as described above and in this way the things inside the cabinet remain safe. The shopkeepers use the shop front roller shutters and these shutters facilitate them in a way that when the shop is open the roll the shutter to the top of the shop and when they close the door they roll that shutter downwards and iron it so that no one else become able to open their shop. The shutters in front of windows are placed in the stormy or snowy areas so that no snow or dust enters the house and you still easily enjoy the outside view.
There are hurricane shutters that are made up of aluminum and they are installed at the places where there is a need of opening. These protections are relatively economical as compared to the other types but its disadvantage is that it does not allow you to see outside from your window that it blocks your view to the outside environment. There are other shutters that when installed does not block your view to the outside and they also are placed in front of opening place. Before installing such shutters you need to know that what is the size of opening and then you must cut the shutter you want to place according to its size. There are certain Bahama hurricane shutters and these shutters are made from a strong material so that the resist the storm or strong winds from coming inside. These shutters look beautiful and are therefore used for decorative purposes. Some shutters are used in aquarium house and in that case you just slide the cover at one slide and easily enter or remove food or fish from it.
All these shutters are made exactly of the same size as that of opening s.

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