The conversation takes place throughout the week

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The conversation takes place throughout the week

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inside the Seattle Seahawks training facility. A group of four or five throwing out suggestions and discussing whether their idea can actually be executed.By the time Friday rolls around Alex McGough Color Rush Jersey , a final decision has been made and the group spends part of the day seeing if they can pull off the plan successfully if the opportunity presents itself on game day.“They’re actually a group effort. We all put our two cents in and come up with something,” Seattle wide receiver David Moore said. “(We’ll) come up with something, ‘Hey we can throw this in, maybe this will look good,’ and then there you go.”The talk isn’t about a play or scheme. Instead, it’s about what has become a must-see event anytime the Seahawks wide receivers find the end zone. Their touchdown celebrations have drawn attention around the NFL and set a standard they’re trying to top each week.“At first, it was all just about having fun, right? … It has become an expectation,” wide receiver Doug Baldwin said. “Now everybody’s asking us what’s coming up next, but first and foremost we’ve got to score so let’s take care of the football aspect of it first and then just have fun if it comes along.”The group of receivers 鈥?Baldwin, Moore, Jaron Brown and Tyler Lockett primarily 鈥?may not come close to leading the league in catches because of Seattle’s run-first offense. But when any of the four find the end zone, getting past the goal line is just the beginning.It started in London when the Seahawks beat Oakland and Brown caught a touchdown on Seattle’s opening drive. Brown at first briefly celebrated by himself before being joined by Baldwin, Lockett and Moore with an ode to “Drumline” and a fight scene from the movie that was released in 2002.Two weeks later after Lockett caught a TD in Detroit, it was an ode to baseball , the World Series and Nolan Ryan when Baldwin, the hitter, charged Lockett Byron Maxwell Color Rush Jersey , the pitcher, and was knocked out in the process.Against the Chargers, it was “The Four Heartbeats ,” which was a tribute to the 1991 movie “The Five Heartbeats.” Each wide receiver showed off a bit of his dance moves and Brown 鈥?who caught the touchdown 鈥?ended up getting the “featured” role at the end of the routine. It’s the celebration most say was the best.“I told them from the jump, ‘Yeah that’s not going to work.’ Because you have to be on beat with that and you all aren’t going to hear each other,” running back Mike Davis said. “It actually looked good. I was surprised by that.”And last week in the victory over the Packers, tight end Nick Vannett was added to the mix following Baldwin’s TD catch. The celebration this time : “Swag Surfin’.”“I don’t think it went as well as we wanted it to,” Baldwin said.There was supposed to be one more celebration thrown into the recent mix, but as Baldwin said, “Tyler screwed it up.” After Lockett’s 23-yard touchdown reception against the Los Angeles Rams on Nov. 11, there was supposed to be another group performance. But before everyone could gather, Lockett handed the ball to boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who was in an end zone suite.That celebration was supposed to be specific to the Rams game and was not carried over to the following week. It’s another sign of how serious and how much fun this group is having.And no, it’s not taking away from their preparation for what’s important 鈥?the actual game 鈥?including this week’s matchup against Carolina that has major NFC playoff implications.“It’s minutes, but obviously you guys know when we focus in on something, we get focused in on something so it doesn’t take us too long to get it down,” Baldwin said. The Seattle Seahawks are going back to the playoffs. For the seventh time in nine seasons under head coach Pete Carrol, and the sixth time in seven years with Russell Wilson at quarterback Sebastian Janikowski Color Rush Jersey , the Seahawks will play after Week 17.A week after losing to a San Francisco 49ers team that has been eying the number one pick in the draft, Seattle ended up beating a team that’s eyeing the number one seed in the AFC. The Seahawks beat the Kansas City Chiefs 38-31 and have secured themselves a wild card slot. The Chiefs also had a lot on the line as they were fighting to clinch the top spot in their conference, but now they must fight another day.Not that Seattle’s position is totally decided yet.At 9-6, the Seahawks can still drop to 9-7 if they lose to the Arizona Cardinals at home next week. If the Minnesota Vikings win their game against the Chicago Bears, they’ll improve to 9-6-1 and become the five seed. The first wild card will travel to face the Dallas Cowboys, while the six seed might have to go to the cold confines of the Chicago Bears. Seattle has played both of these teams, losing in Chicago in Week 2 and beating the Cowboys at home in Week 3.Circumstances for all teams have changed notably since those games, but the Bears look like the much tougher matchup for a number of reasons. However, if Chicago beats the Vikings and the LA Rams lose to the 49ers, then the Bears become the two seed and the Rams will be hosting the six seed. It is very unlikely that the Seahawks will get their threematch against the Rams this soon, but it is possible.The Chiefs will still be the one seed if they beat the Oakland Raiders at home next week, but if they suffer an unfathomable upset, they could lose the division to the LA Chargers if the Chargers beat the Denver Broncos.The focus here though is on the Seahawks and they not only secured a trip to the postseason but did so with a signature win over a very good offense. The game was at home and Seattle will be on the road to open the playoffs, but even with backups and third stringers at multiple positions, they played much better than many expected. That’s a good sign for the coaching and the game plan as Carroll prepares to try and win a playoff game in January — something he’s done each time he’s led the Seahawks to the postseason.Carroll also broke a tie with Mike Holmgren for most postseason appearancesas the Seahawks head coach. Seattle went to the playoffs four times in the 23 years before Holmgren.

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