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Will Grier Jersey

Postby linchao » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:49 pm

If Panthers quarterback Cam Newton were healthy and playing I would jump all over the three points. It might actually not be three points...or would it. My prediction site The Linebacker thinks the Panthers will win this one outright.With back-up quarterback Taylor Heinicke subbing for the injured Newton I don’t know what to expect from the Panthers offense. I’d love for Heinicke to lead a rout of the division rival Falcons. I see no downside from that even if it means a lower draft pick. It would be nice to snap the losing streak. I don’t want to take that into the next season.One bright spot from Heinicke starting is it means we can run pass plays longer than 20 yards again. It was apparent in the Saints game Newton’s arm had a fraction of the strength we are used to seeing. I hope he actually gets surgery so we don’t risk a lingering problem that bleeds into the 2019 season. As I said in the opening the Panthers are a three point home underdog. I wouldn’t touch this game one way or the other. If the Panthers defense from last week shows up the Falcons can be in trouble. If Heinicke plays like the inexperienced player he is then he will make mistakes and the scoring could be low. On my homer side though Will Grier Jersey , Heinicke played pretty good in the preseason and with Norv Turner at the helm he could limit Heinicke’s risky throws. Plus he has running back Christian McCaffrey to hand off and throw to so there is that. If I were to bet on this game (and I’m not damn it) I would take the over at 44.5.Anyone have a feel for this game one way or the other? Meaning are you confident Heinicke will play well? How about he simply protects the ball and makes enough throws to extend drives?On the defensive side, do you think the good defense will show up again at home? Will the pass rush finally resurrect itself? It’s a crap shoot for sure. As Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has grown older, his game has changed.His palate has matured as well.Newton joked that he spent his mini-bye weekend after their loss last Thursday enjoying a glass of wine and a cigar, indulgences he’s only recently acquired.“I’m 29 years old https://www.carolinapanthersfanshop.com/Greg-Little-Jersey ,” Newton said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of the , “and you know I ain’t eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and animal crackers at night.“So many people are into it. It is relaxing, it is something that warms the soul Brian Burns Jersey , so to speak, with a very rigorous day that you would imagine I could have at times.”Newton has consulted with one of the Panthers’ food service company supervisors, Rudy Patino, who is an actual sommelier Ryan Kalil Color Rush Jersey , as he tries to learn what he likes and why (he’s currently drinking sauvignon blanc. Well hopefully not currently, it’s the morning, and while he’s older he’s not a suburban soccer mom yet).“We have a sommelier on staff, Mr. Rudy. I didn’t know that until last year Luke Kuechly Color Rush Jersey , I was giving a couple players one of my favorite wines and he was just telling me everything about it,” Newton said. “I had just watched the documentary on Netflix, ‘Somm,’ and that was just so cool to me.“I feel like if I had a gift or a hidden talent outside of playing an instrument Graham Gano Jersey , I would want to be a sommelier. Those senses that you have — for those who don’t know it, it’s being able to distinctively tell what type of wine it is, where it’s from and everything about the wine by just the taste, the look and pretty much the feel of the wine.“It was just pretty cool to come across a person on a day to day basis that knows what they’re talking about. It’s just like playing football Julius Peppers Jersey , it’s an ongoing thing that you have to constantly keep taking your nose and your tastebuds through.”In that way, it’s like his development as a passer, as he’s completing passes at a career-high 68.5 percent clip, and still using his skills as a runner to keep the Panthers offense moving.

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