Acceptable games and gaming behaviour for grandfathers?

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Acceptable games and gaming behaviour for grandfathers?

Postby Williamhawk » Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:09 am


Is it acceptable, when grandkinds come to visit, to find the ageing geezer playing Overwatch III or GTA7?

Or should grandfathers content themselves with puzzle games and strategy games, preferably played on ageing PC with CRT monitor?

Or perhaps it would be appropriate for granfather to focus on collecting old arcade machines and retro consoles, and, whilst playing them, keep boring the grandkids with tales of how games were so much better in the good old days...

What's your take in all this? Do you think grandfathers should play whatever pleases them, or should they act their age, especially when grandkids are around?

And do you have, or do you know, any gradfathers that still play video games? And if you do, what sort of games do these old, arthritis ridden flea bags play?

Please Help.


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