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The Last Jedi Box Office Prediction Thread

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:36 am
by Williamhawk

Been wanting for this thread to show up. I think a lot of people are underestimating what this movie is going to make USA wise. I have heard a lot of people say that 7 is going to have a big drop from 7 and I just don't see that. I think 8 is going to make at worst 100 million less USA then 7 did. A lot of people talk about how 7 had the OT cast and such but I think a lot of people where turned away from star wars after the PT and I think a lot of people trust star wars again after how well 7 turned out and after R1. So with that said I don't see a 200-300 million USA drop like a lot of people say. Before Fisher passed I was seeing similer numbers to 7. Now that she is gone I think the movie is going to do even better. I see around 1 to 1.1 billion USA.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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