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Postby adamozxct » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:05 pm

You've possibly noticed that your favorite TV channels are featuring more and more documentary-style programs. Referred to as "reality shows ," these types of programs document real events happening to real men and women who find themselves in a range of circumstances. There is now a reality show about virtually everything, from amateur fashion designers competing for the opportunity to launch their own line to single celebrities trying to find love.

MTV's "The Real World" is among the very first reality series to be shown on Television. The program follows the lives of 7 strangers when "people stop being polite and start being real," as the show's tagline suggests. And that's certainly not an exaggeration; every season, the quantity of drunken brawls involving meatheads or promiscuous Jacuzzi conduct grows. Boasting nearly twenty seasons, the program's popularity seems only to grow.

How real is reality TV? Although the characters are real, the authenticity of events portrayed in reality programs is heavily debated. You can find significant speculation that many reality shows are at least partially scripted , with producers and "story editors" prompting cast members to debate volatile topics or to appear at the very same gathering as their arch nemesis. Arguably, many of the scenarios cooked up for reality TV are far from normal, but the way the participants deal with their circumstances and interact with one another is often strikingly genuine, even with the persistent presence of a camera crew to capture every word, facial expression and expletive deleted.

Regardless of how genuine it actually is, what do we find so captivating about reality Television? Movies and sitcoms often have much nuttier plots and striking special effects. Yet a growing number of individuals are choosing to tune in each and every week to "Joe Millionaire , a series in which an average Joe searches for "the one" in a group of women who believe that he is a billionaire mogul. Perhaps witnessing the day-to-day drama and trials faced by reality show characters are much easier for us to relate to than, say, snakes on a plane.

Quite a few reality shows have swiftly developed a cult following. Many reality series are released on DVD, allowing fans to enjoy their favorite episodes whenever they want and growing an already mushrooming audience. Reality series "stars" have become overnight celebrities and a number have gone on to author books, star in their own TV series, and have become regular guests on TV talk shows. The growing influence of reality TV on society is undeniable. Important questions remain: Will the genre endure? Will the scenarios become more and more outrageous? How will history reflect on this period in TV entertainment?

While it's difficult to predict where reality TV is headed , it's become clear that reality shows are a piece of history. They document our culture at its current stage, building a record of what was important to us at that time, be it merely documenting the airing of dirty laundry on Television or demonstrating how our peers react under extraordinary circumstances.
A little on leadership?

Many people enter the leadership world through a position and a title, but we must understand that just owning a title doesn't make you a leader. Being a leader is about influence. Your ability to lead resides in your ability to influence others around you to accomplish organizational objectives. It's true that titles do initially command a certain amount of influence, but this influence is short lived. All a title buys you is time, nothing more , nothing less. This time can either increase your level of influence and lead, or diminish it and fail.

One of the most common mistakes of a Leader, both new and tenured, is to fall into the gravitational pull of positional leadership. I use the term gravitational because as a new leader, it's pull represents the path of least resistance in the absence of training or experience. Many will learn, and escape , but others will remain committed to this methodology, unwilling to resist the pull through the belief that the approach is effective and is not to be challenged.

I suggest that this approach is fundamentally flawed based on my own experience and evolution as a leader. I made this mistake, and I took this journey, but I learned and was able to fight the pull. Whether you are positional, work for someone who is positional, or someone to whom a positional person reports to , commit deep thought to this topic. Properly understood, it will lead to your success; disregarded, it could lead struggle and hardship.

My story?

Before I had the opportunity to lead, I had the obligation to follow. As a follower within my organization, I viewed the leadership team, as the end all be all of positions. I viewed them as the powerful , core team of cogs that forced the business machine to function. I watched how they dressed, and admired the spoils of the position: nice offices, sophisticated two-way Skytel Pagers (before they became mainstream), expensive looking attach? bags concealing distressed leather planners concealing an arsenal of Mont Blanc's, but most of all, I enjoyed the parting of the crowd as this larger than life team moved through our production areas. Many felt respect , many felt fear, and many envied what they saw.

It's clear which category I fit into. I envied the position, title, and what those two items represented. I was fundamentally flawed in my admiration of these positionally anchored symbols of status. Only through a promotion and a lesson or two in life and leadership did I finally understand the errors of my ways.

I worked hard, and stood out above the crowd. My hard work paid off, and upon my first promotion to a senior position , I received my Skytel pager and master key. I'll never forget the day. I had my position, title, and symbols of power. I knew.

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