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Josh Allen Womens Jersey

Postby adamozxct » Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:44 am

I'm passionate about this topic and say absolutely "yes!" Networking is not only worthwhile , it is critical for any type and any size of business. Events -- networking or not -- are the best way to make connections and promote your company as well as personal brand. Not only can you find new clients, you can find new partners, suppliers and employees who can take your business and career to the next step.

Keep in mind that networking rarely yields new business overnight. It is a process that takes time and requires nurturing. You may get lucky and close a deal within a week or two. However, it is more likely you will start a relationship that can eventually end up with a sale and loyal customer who follows you wherever your career may take you. Leveraging your personal brand makes this happen.

Events Are a Necessary Evil So Kick Back and Enjoy

Events can be business or socially related, so have fun and be yourself. Talk about the sports you like, your family , as well as your business. The most unlikely people can end up being your friend and customer for life, so go up and introduce yourself. Maybe you have golf, kids or wine in common. Invite your contact to an upcoming golf event. When you promote you business, you also promote your brand. The more a contact likes your personal value, the easier it will be to sell the value of your business. In many cases you can sell your product for a higher price based on a strong personal brand.

Immediate Follow Up

Within a day or two do your follow up. It's like dating. Don't be too quick. Take time to appear interested but not too desperate. Enter contact names into your contact management tool of choice (Microsoft Outlook, Google , iPod, or other) and send a short follow up note. Remember to use content from that conversation - something about his (her) children, home, and hobbies as well as business activities. Your brand encompasses all these things that will enable someone to relate to you.

LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch. You can create a LinkedIn Group or Facebook Business page to keep your contacts updated on company news. Industry news is even better showing you have insight on more that just your specific company. See more on being an industry expert in my article Maximize Your Company's Exposure with Public Relations.

Offer Something of Value

Do not do a hard sell. Usually at events I help people with a business or personal issue and talk about resources to get someone to the next step having no expectations in return. Sometimes I have simple suggestions like attending an event specific to their industry, conducting an email campaign, or changing web site content. These suggestions usually yield a request to assess other business needs. If I'm invited to meet again , I know I have a high likelihood of closing the prospect. Networking is one of the top ways for many businesses, especially those with long sales cycles, to find and close customers. In most cases it is also the most cost effective, but time consuming business development activity.

Find Worthwhile Events in your Own Backyard

Events are held by a variety of regional entities like your local chambers, regional development agencies, cities , counties, state agencies, venture capital groups, workforce agencies, and business networking groups such as . There are also smaller local groups so ask your friends and colleagues which ones they suggest. Many are also gender and ethnicity specific. Your local business publications will also publish events. The more you attend the more relationships you can form.

Networking is a Good Thing (Thank You Martha Stewart)

It takes time to cultivate high value contacts. You'll find people who are well connected in your community. Networking is the way they got there. After being seen as a "regular" at local events, you'll be regarded as "someone in the know". Then your personal brand is extended , and you'll get more contacts. A good way to keep your brand in front of others is by attending a variety of events, being honest and being yourself. Keep contacts updated on your business and personal activities, and be sure to be helpful to others. As they say "what goes around, comes around."

Look for future articles regarding personal branding and public relations on . Google Analytics is an analytics service which allows you to track your website traffic and generate site reports accordingly. Provided by Google, it helps you to get all web traffic data, so that you know from where your customers drop into your site or landing page , how much time they spent in your site, how they react to your site, and the activities they conduct within your digital asset.
Here are somekey reasons for implementing Google Analytics within your website


Google Analytics is a powerful tool that talks about your customer insights. By implementing GA, you get to know your Audience (those visiting your site) and Acquisitions (howfrom where they are coming to your site), their Behavior (what actions they perform while browsing your website), and Conversions (how many of those have become your customers). GA also tells you the pages they visit in your site , the amount of time they spent in each page and the action taken afterwards. By collating such data and information, you can now where you and your customers are heading.


With the help of a digital marketing company, you can customize your website and get massive exposure. You can change the content, improve your landing page, and make your site visually more attractive and bring more visitors. Also, you can work on your key sections , which are more likely to be visited by your targets, and enhance its quality, design and presentation. In short, GA tool allows you to serve your website, like favorite cuisine of your customers.


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