make sure you create your tables with a border

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make sure you create your tables with a border

Postby adamozxct » Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:38 am

A tiny , yet powerful coach said, "The things that held you down are going to carry you up, and up, and up! 'll be the world's only flying elephant!" That line was delivered by Timothy, the friendly mouse and cheerleader in one of my all time favorite Disney movies-- Dumbo. The tenderness of that movie always makes me cry. What inspires me about it is the way our little elephant hero triumphs over rejection and learns to believe in himself.

Facing rejection is hard for everyone , and if you're in a service business where your product is YOU, the fear can be paralyzing at times. Yet, in order to succeed, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and believe that you can do it! And that is especially true in the early phases of your business. When it's all hard work and results haven't shown up yet, all you've got is belief to keep you going!

Here are a few things I've learned about getting through fear and developing belief:

Your belief must be greater than your fear. It can be a struggle , and there are days when fear wins, but keep paying attention to what's working for you. Acknowledge your successes, great and small. Authentic belief is built through repeated positive experiences, so pay attention. You want to develop positive beliefs, not more negative ones!

Believe in yourself--not circumstances. This one is tricky. If you haven't developed belief in yourself , it's tempting to place your belief in something else like a job, a business partner, the economy, or a certain opportunity. This can be good for awhile, but it's a simple fact of life that people , places, and conditions are changeable. Your success is ultimately created by you, for you. Be willing to take some risks, and be sure to claim your rewards.

All great endeavors will be tested. Facing one's fears can require tremendous amounts of self-work and courage. If it's something you really, really want , it can take years. But then at some point you make the leap into action and it's glorious! You're flying high and free. Then oops, something doesn't go according to plan and you begin to fall a little bit. That can be so scary! Setbacks do not mean you're failing. Use them as opportunities to deepen and refine your true beliefs.

You're a natural born flyer--the world's one-and- only "you." The magic feather of "belief" is the mind's way of remembering what is already true.

Just recently ArtInvest Company launched one art gallery for people interested in buying oil paintings. The specialty about this art gallery is that it lists various art works by different popular artists & presents their work in a manner which is easily navigable. The types of paintings available are also of various types like oil upon canvas & in different styles.

If we look from a purchasers view point we will see that a purchaser will benefit as there is no middle man between the artist & the purchaser. Art gallery only assists in communication between buyers and the artist. If you would like to buy oil painting then you will be required to select a painting & then fill up their order form.

The details you provide in that form are directly sent to artist who afterwards contacts you for finalizing the deal. This is one of the simplest methods using which you can buy art of your desired painting without being concerned about different charges & commissions which are necessary to pay in different art galleries.

Designing a professional looking web site involves much more than simply displaying text between your body tags. In order to organize your page, you must use tables.

A table is an HTML element, also referred to as a "tag," and is used to display your web page content in an organized fashion.

Your page can be set up in columns and rows , you can display your table cells with or without a border, and you can even have a color or image patterned background.

Tables can be used in an unlimited number of ways including:

? Organize your text and images

? Display your text in a newspaper format

? Add color and image backgrounds to text areas

? Display charts

If you've never designed a web page, your first step will be to learn some basic HTML. You can find a beginner tutorial at NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML: you begin designing your web page, you may want to consider placing all of your page content within a table. This will enable you to adjust your table's cellspacing to keep your text from displaying too close to the left border of your page. The higher the cellspacing value, the further away from the left border your text will be displayed. In addition , tables will enable you to display your page content in rows and columns rather than one big block of text.

Tables are created with the < TABLE >< TABLE > tags. The < TABLE > tag begins the table code and the < TABLE > tag ends the table.

In addition to the table tags, you must also specify the number of rows and columns your table will contain. To do this, you must use the < TR > tag, which specifies the beginning of a table row and the < TD > tag, which will display your table data. The < TD > tag should be placed in front of any information you would like to be displayed within a cell. The < TD > tag will close the cell. All of these tags will be placed between the < TABLE > and < TABLE > tags.

Basic Table Structure:

< TR >
< TD >Content< TD >
< TR >

If you're just starting out , you may want to use a simple table format that will display your navigational links on the left or right hand side of the page, and your text and other information on the rest of the page -- in two columns.

When working with tables, make sure you create your tables with a border. This will enable you to see exactly where your borders are so that you can make sure everything is dis.

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