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Looking to learn best testing tool? If your preference is selenium testing then your choice is perfect. The software companies are adapting selenium testing for the product because of its superior features like automated checks. The set of specific commands helps to check details like user logins , transactions, data saved properly and many.

Cost is a key factors for all the projects in the company, they all always prefer automated testing rather than manual because of huge cost now the organizations are preferring open source tools. It is one of the popular and proven tools. It is open source software in which source code available to all the users, one can make change and use for any purpose. It is low in cost and more secured with easy access.

Test Packages of open source Testing
It consists of four main tools and each of the tools has a separate role to play in supporting the development of testing. They are

Selenium IDE: This is an extension to browser Mozilla Firefox. This is generally used for playback , record, debugging and edit the scripts. The integrated development environment provides comprehensive facilities.

Selenium RC: This is known as Remote Control and it is used to run tests across multiple systems and browsers.

Selenium Grid: It is capable of running multiple cases of RC at the same time. It allows the distribution of tests across various browsers and machines so that parallel execution of the tests can be performed.

Web driver: This is the latest version of this package where it consist of multiple test APIs.

Advantages using this tool:
鈥?Main advantage is open source software
鈥?Cost effective
鈥?Supports various programming language
鈥?Supports various operating system, various browser
鈥?Performs parallel test execution
鈥?Require less hardware
鈥?Easy to learn and use in application

This features made to use the testing universally.

There are few disadvantages like
鈥?Takes more time to create test cases- it can be overcome with experience
鈥?New features may not work properly
鈥?It supports web based application
鈥?Difficult to perform image testing
鈥?No integration of tools

These disadvantages can be overcome with alternatives and does affect much on accuracy of testing.
Selenium training gives complete information about the modules of testing packages, how to perform in environment it is explained well to all the trainers.

Selenium online training is an advance feature in education where all kinds of students benefit with fewer efforts and more effectively. This can be adapted without disturbing daily activities. As importance of open source software is increasing one can learn selenium training online in order to grab good opportunity to work in multinational companies.

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Online College Courses Make Sure They Are Legit

Posted by nick_niesen on October 27th , 2010

It wasn't all that long ago that online learning, or distance education as it's also known was just a supplemental way of taking more classes via an offline campus. As technology advances, and software and web page creation get better this market has grown into offering online college and high school courses as a very viable way of getting an education without ever having to leave home.

For the person who might not have been able to attend college after high school, or the adult who didn't think it was required they now have a second chance. Even for those who have no form of transportation to or from the school , have children at home, hold down one or more jobs, or possibly even have a physical disability that keeps them from attending classes at a campus, online college courses give them the chance to learn.

People who choose to take advantage of online college courses use technology such as video and audio lectures , email, instant messaging, and chat rooms to attain the required information needed. Then there are online research and study sources they use to make up the remainder of the online college courses.

One fantastic thing about online college courses is that they are one hundred percent equal opportunity. Any person of any color, religion , race, location, or learning ability who has the mindset to study and willingness to learn is able to do so. Often times even an accredited and transferable course.

Before you apply, enroll , or pay any online college be sure to do some background checking. Some supposedly legitimate online college courses aren't always what they appear to be after researching. There are a few online schools offering online courses that aren't qualified to do so. They are not accredited. What does this mean? If you're looking to take your online course load and use it as credited coursework towards for instance a degree, it must be accredited. This means that the school must meet the requirements of the accreditation body in your area. In the US it is the Department of Education, they watch over and regulate American colleges and universities.

You may read a websites claim that they are accredited, or possibly they display the official images and links to suggest they are. Even the way a website might be worded often suggests that they are accredited , when they are not. You'll pay high fees, and sign all the required documents, but unfortunately all for nothing when it comes time to graduate, or transfer you bogus courses or degree.

With all of this being said , remember not every institution is bad. There are a lot of schools right across North America and Internationally that are legit, registered schools offering accredited degrees and courses. So when your searching consider legitimate offline schools that have an online presence and course offering. Also look for the accreditation inf.

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