A first place position in the NFC North for the Bears

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A first place position in the NFC North for the Bears

Postby zhangzk » Tue May 14, 2019 3:27 am

What’s that you hear? (Jams out.)As the song would suggest White Kevin White Jerseys , the Bears had their Return of the Mack on Wednesday, with superstar Khalil Mack practicing at full tilt. The 27-year-old had missed Chicago’s previous two games against the Bills and Jets, and is now undoubtedly chomping at the bit to begin savagely attacking quarterbacks again. First up on his ledger? Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions on Sunday: the kickoff of a crucial NFC North stretch for Chicago. In other news not harmonized by Mark Morrison, Allen Robinson also practiced on Wednesday after dealing with a groin injury that’s sidelined him for the last two games. The Bears need their top-billed wideout moving forward and this is a great sign of his progress. Meanwhile, big tight end Adam Shaheen also participated in his first action in months after spraining his foot and ankle in August. A good indicator that Shaheen should play soon, albeit with no confirmed date yet. Finally, after missing last week’s game in Buffalo, rookie Bilal Nichols jumped back into the Bears’ defensive line rotation. Nichols has surprised as a depth piece this season and has worked well with defensive line coach Jay Rodgers overseeing his quick growth. Everything is coming up Bears at Halas Hall. What could go wrong?Robert is the Editor-in-chief of The Blitz Network (subscribe here!), the managing editor of Windy City Gridiron, and writes for a host of other fine publications. You can follow him on Twitter @RobertZeglinski. The Houston Texans began the season 0-3 despite high expectations. They've now won four in a row, and those high expectations have returned.Miami had a good start Kevin White Jerseys 2019 , going 3-0, but now has faltered and stands 4-3 with an uncertain situation at quarterback.Things are looking up for AFC South leader Houston, and aren't nearly so bright for the Dolphins, who live in the same neighborhood as New England, the AFC East.Houston, No. 12 in the AP Pro32, is a 7陆-point choice over No. 18 Miami."Nobody wants to be 0-3," Texans coach Bill O'Brien says. "You're not looking to be in that hole, but we were. I think it's really 鈥?again, I can't emphasize this enough 鈥?I think it's all about the players. If you don't have the right type of players, then you're probably going to be somewhere not close to where we are now. I think it's really about the players White Jonathan Bullard Jerseys , their resolve, their mindset, their mentality, their belief in what we're trying to do, their belief in each other, their belief in the coaching staff."No one is saying the Dolphins don't believe, either."Last time I checked we're 4-3 and there's a lot of teams around this league that are 4-3," says running back Kenyan Drake. "All we have to do is make the necessary adjustments we need to make to be 5-3 ..."Sorry, but that will be 4-4 after ...TEXANS, 20-16KNOCKOUT POOL: Thanks Chargers 鈥?or Mike Vrabel and the Titans for going for 2 at the end of the game. Pro Picks keeps on keeping on with KANSAS CITY.No. 2 (tie) New England (minus 11) at No. 28 BuffaloUnless the weather gets brutal in Buffalo 鈥?maybe even then 鈥?should be a rout.BEST BET: PATRIOTS, 36-13No. 9 Baltimore (minus 1 1-2) at No. 7 (tie) CarolinaTempted by Seattle as top upset Jonathan Bullard Jerseys 2019 , but can't see Ravens as road favorites here.UPSET SPECIAL: PANTHERS, 21-20No. 14 Seattle (plus 3) at No. 17 DetroitReally impressed by coaching job Pete Carroll is doing.SEAHAWKS, 25-22No. 10 Washington (minus 1) at No. 29 New York GiantsReally impressed by coaching job Jay Gruden is doing.REDSKINS, 24-16No. 4 New Orleans (plus 1) at No. 5 MinnesotaHey Saints, remember not to let Stefan Diggs loose on final play.VIKINGS, 29-26No. 23 Denver (plus 10) at No. 2 (tie) Kansas CityUntil weather turns nasty in KC, Chiefs will keep scoring in bunches.CHIEFS, 34-20No. 23 (tie) Tampa Bay (plus 5) at No. 13 CincinnatiBengals are looking fragile, but past two defeats were against superior talent.BENGALS, 27-24No. 15 (tie) Philadelphia (minus 3) vs No. 20 Jacksonville at LondonBoth of these teams looking fragile. At least Eagles aren't feuding.EAGLES, 24-16No. 11 Green Bay (plus 9) at No. 1 Los Angeles RamsNot often that rested Packers are such big underdogs. But they can't cover wideouts White Cody Whitehair Jerseys , so ...RAMS, 33-23No. 26 Cleveland (plus 8) at No. 7 (tie) PittsburghDon't smell a blowout here, just another Browns late implosion.STEELERS, 20-17No. 25 New York Jets (plus 7) at No. 15 (tie) ChicagoJets hope Sam Darnold 2019 is where Mitch Trubisky 2018 is at.BEARS, 27-15No. 27 Indianapolis (minus 3) at No. 32 OaklandHow long before Jon Gruden tries to sell Golden Gate Bridge?COLTS, 33-20No. 30 San Francisco (minus 1) at No. 31 ArizonaDon't think many Arizonans will vacate the golf course for this.49ers, 13-102018 RECORD:Last Week: Against spread (8-4-1). Straight up (11-3)Season Totals: Against spread (48-52-4). Straight up: (69-36-2)Best Bet: 2-5 against spread, 6-1 straight upUpset special: 4-3 against spread, 3-3-1 straight up

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