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Frank Clark Jersey

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The Seahawks pass rush was the worst in the NFL in Week 1 With Michael Bennett traded to the Philadelphia Eagles , Sheldon Richardson signing with the Minnesota Vikings, and Cliff Avril essentially not healthy enough to play anymore, there were more than legitimate concerns about how the Seattle Seahawks pass rush would operate in the 2018 NFL regular season. It’s early days, mind you, but the opening game was not encouraging in the slightest. Denver Broncos QB Case Keenum was sacked only one time out of 40 dropbacks, and largely had all day to throw and exploit the coverage downfield. According to NFL Matchup on ESPN, no team had a worse pressure rate in Week 1 than the Seahawks defense. (Denver was fourth-best, by the way!) There isn’t another play in the game that sums up Seattle’s (complete lack of a) pass rush than Keenum’s touchdown to Emmanuel Sanders. You want to watch Garrett Bolles literally block Jacob Martin five yards down the field like he’s a prime Walter Jones?In case you’re wondering, and I say this with a hat tip to my fellow Field Gulls colleagues, this play isn’t illegal man downfield. Bolles initiated the block within one yard of the line of scrimmage, and... well... he stayed blocking Martin until Keenum found Sanders for the score. I can only imagine how much worse that pressure rate would’ve been had the scope been limited to non-blitzes. Justin Coleman and Earl Thomas both managed to pressure Keenum off of the blitz, but those were one of the few moments of bother for Case.This is of course just one game, admittedly in a difficult place to play under hot conditions. However, until they prove otherwise, the pass rush remains the biggest problem on the Seahawks defense.Former Seahawks CB Richard Sherman to miss a few weeks with injury There’s little reason to think that the Seattle Seahawks released Richard Sherman strictly for performance Frank Clark Jersey , because Sherman was obviously still playing at a high level last season. Instead, it was logical to assume that the Seahawks released Sherman because he was turning 30, coming off of a torn Achilles, and may not be able to stay as healthy as you’d prefer a player to be when he’s got a 10-figure salary.If you think Seattle would still like the player that Sherman is, you’d be right. He played at a high level over the San Francisco 49ers first two games of the season. If you think Seattle did the smart thing by moving on from Sherman for potential health concerns, you may also be right. Sherman injured his calf on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs and it appears he’ll be out for at least a few weeks.Though he was banged up in the 2014 playoffs, Sherman had never missed a single game over the first six years of his career. En total, Sherman has been a near perfect picture of health. Then after nine starts last season, he tore his Achilles and went on injured reserve. A crack in the armor had the Seahawks a little wary perhaps of testing the armor again, so they released him, a move hated by many fans. It was even more hated after Seattle struggled at RCB to open this season while Sherman shined for San Francisco, but Sunday’s news of Sherman exiting the game against the Chiefs made it a little more understandable that not all moves are based on talent.There are cost considerations and considerations of how many snaps that player can play.I think we all hope for Sherman to make a quick recovery and to not get injured again — even though we also probably hope that he comes back and plays poorly. At least against the Seahawks in their two December meetings.Unrelated, but related:

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