Urania Jane "UJ" Shepard

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Urania Jane "UJ" Shepard

Postby JamieCOTC » Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:02 pm

Personal Profile:
Name: Urania Jane (UJ) Shepard
Father: Robert Jim Shepard (deceased)
Mother: Hannah Austin-Shepard (deceased)
Uncle: Stephen Austin, retired Alliance Marine (deceased)

Mindoir: Urania Jane Shepard was a colony kid raised on Mindoir. There she met a girl named Delilah and the two formed a friendship that ultimately lead to a romantic infatuation. Delilah was bookish, smart in math, loved to paint, though she really wasn’t any good at it. Urania Jane, UJ for short, was more of a tomboy who drank, smoked pot, did some drugs, and loved hanging out w/ her uncle, a retired Alliance Marine. She was a wild child, who had a bit of a bad reputation on the colony. One bright sunny morning the colony was descended upon by Batarian raiders. Shepard’s parents and Delilah were killed in the attack. Shepard remained alive as she had been out by the local lake the evening before. An alliance squad finally found her hiding in the bushes w/ two dead Batarians next to her.

Broken: Urania Jane was taken to hospital where she spent a year of psychological counseling and care. Prone to severe mood swings, UJ went from violent outbursts, (cutting an orderly on three different occasions), to deep sorry and guilt. Eventually, due to lack of funds, she was released and deemed “stable enough.” She drifted from planet to planet and even flirted w/ becoming a freelance merc out for revenge. Ultimately, she remembered the Alliance marines who had rescued her back on Mindoir and decided that was her destiny and her means for revenge.

Alliance Service: After joining the Alliance, Shepard devoted her life to revenge, and wanted nothing more than to kill every alien she saw. With that goal in mind, she stopped drinking and smoking and honed her body and mind to be a killing machine. Months later, while scouting for Slavers, Shepard and her patrol came upon a small group of Batarians. They engaged in hostile fire. Three died and one surrendered. The captured Batarian gave the location of the Raiders hold and begged to be spared. Without a word or provocation, Shepard pounced upon the Batarian and began to beat him with the butt of her rifle. Her patrol cheered her on as she struck the alien again and again. Finally, the Batarian dead, she looked up and saw the blood on her hands and face. She saw the look of her comrades, some cheering, others simply stunned. It was then she realized that she had become the very thing she hated. The incident was whitewashed and Shepard was ordered to undergo a psychological review. With help, she slowly began to overcome her hatred of aliens and was eventually deemed a worthy candidate for her own command.

Conduct Unbecoming: After getting her head on straight Shepard was finally given her own command. She was informal w/ her squad and made friends among several of her comrades. With one squad member, Isabelle Shan, she got a little too friendly. One Cpl Toombs later hit on Shepard, but rather than report him, she merely declined the advance. Later Shepard ended her affair w/ Shan for the interest of both parties. Shan requested a transfer and the two never saw each other again. Shepard and Toombs became close friends.

Akuze: Shepard took a platoon of Alliance marines to search for a colonial pioneer team on Akuze. Unfortunately, the whole thing was a trap set up by the rogue black ops agency, Cerberus. Her entire squad was killed by a Thesher Maw and she watched as each one was dragged under the sand screaming to her for her life. Shepard survived using her wits and her biotics. Eventually the Maw was destroyed by another squad and Shepard was hailed as a hero for her strength and determination. In her eyes however, she had failed her team.

Broken Again: Due to the events on Akuze, Shepard was ordered to undergo physiological counseling yet again. There she found that she still held the anger from Mindoir deep inside her. Eventually she learned to move on and let go of her anger. She would always remember those she lost and would honor them through her actions, but the hurt had been put aside for the time being.

The Normandy: Six years after Akuze, Shepard was made the XO of the SSV Normandy. Circumstances eventually lead to her commanding the ship and becoming the first human SPECTRE.

Military Record
Alignment: Gray Paragon (mostly Paragon w/ about 1/4 renegade)
Class: Vanguard
Favorite Weapon: Claymore Shotgun
Favorite Combat Ability or Abilities: Heavy Charge /Nova/ Heavy Pull
D.O.B.: April 11 2154
Height: 5’7” (173 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs (64 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black (graying by ME3)

Mass Effect
Feros: Saved the colony and spared Shiala. Retrieved the data for Gavin Hossle.
Noveria: Helped Gianna Parasini take down Anoleis. Convinced Lorik Qui’in to testify.
The Rachni: Released the queen.
Virmire: Kaidan sacrificed, Wrex spared.
Conrad Verner: Was nice to him.
Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilan: Didn't punch her.
Fist: Lived, ran off to Omega.
Helena Blake: Talked her into retiring.
Talitha: Talked her into taking sedative.
Wrex: Got his armor back.
Garrus: Hunted down Dr. Saleon, tried to take him in but was forced to kill him.
Tali: Gave her the Geth Data.
Bring Down the Sky: Saved the hostages and let Balak go.
Citadel: Sacrificed human lives to save the Council in order to preserve Galactic stability after attack.
Anderson or Udina: Anderson.

Mass Effect 2
The Council: Accepted reinstatement. One more weapon in her arsenal.
Tuchanka: Stopped Mordin from killing Maelon. Saved the genophage cure data.
Conrad Verner: Talked Conrad out of getting himself killed in the Saren mission. Had asari arrested and told Conrad to go home.
Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilan: Didn't punch her.
Garrus: Talked him out of killing Sidonis.
Tali: Paragon speech cleared Tali of all charges.
Jacob: Father arrested.
Miranda: Sister safe.
Zaeed: Rescued workers, talked Zaeed into being loyal.
Kasumi: Let her keep the grey box.
Samara: Helped Samara kill Morinth.
Thane: Kolyat and Thane talking.
Grunt: passed rite of passage, became Urdnot Grunt.
Mordin: Chided him on genophage, talked him out of killing Maelon, kept cure.
Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilan: Didn't punch her.
The Collector Base: Didn't trust Illusive Man with the base, so it was destroyed.
Overlord: Set David free, sent him to Grissom Academy.

Mass Effect 3
Diane: Allers was allowed to stay on the Normandy.
Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilan: Still didn't punch her.
Samara: Stopped her from committing suicide.
Jack: Told kids to form biotic arsenal. They all perished.
Rachnii : Let the Queen go again.
Tuchanka: Told Wrex and Eve about Dalatross's offer. Cured the genophage. Mordin sacrificed himself.
Citadel: Regained Ashley's trust and allowed her to shoot Udina.
Rannoch: Rescued Admiral Koris. Rallied the fleet to negotiate peace between the Geth and the Quarians.
Earth: Took Liara and Javik on finale mission.
Final TIM confrontation: Illusive Man committed suicide.
Final decision: Synthesis.

Psychological/Emotional Profile:

On the outside Shepard appears confident, friendly and even jovial. She has a way of taking charge of a situation and making others feel secure, and even relaxed at the same time. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, but knows when to temper her judgments with compassion and even mercy. She will go out of her way to spare innocent lives if at all possible and even give an enemy a chance to back down. At the same time, she knows decisions have to be made in the blink of an eye and will not hesitate to kill an opponent if necessary. By all accounts she is the real deal, a genuine hero. As to her mental state, Shepard has appeared to have dealt with the events of Mindoir and Akuze. Perhaps the tragedies in her life have made her more keenly aware of the frailty of life and why it should be preserved at all cost. However, Shepard, in the past, has experienced deep emotional instability. She has suffered from deep depression, fits of rage and guilt and has, twice, attempted suicide. It should be noted that the suicide attempts occurred before she enlisted in the Alliance Navy. As stated above, Shepard appears to have dealt with her inner demons and has exorcised them permanently.
Romance: Had dinner w/ Kelly, but otherwise stayed loyal to Liara throughout her missions.

Why Shepard and her LI are such a great match: Though she had an eye for Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams, Shepard drew emotionally close to Dr. Liara T’Soni during their discussions. When T’Soni melded her mind to help decipher the Prothean vision in her mind, Shepard felt a kinship w/ the asari. They both seemed to share a loneliness that ignited a compassion for one another. Though apparently polar opposites in the beginning, Shepard confident, almost cocky in some respects and Liara, socially awkward and reserved, they found that they complimented each other quite well. Later the couple discovered they had more in common that they thought. Each had a strong moral compass and a love of life. Both were fiercely independent and goal oriented. But most of all, each knew compassion, especially for one another. Their love and devotion was matched by their sexual appetite for each other, an appetite that was nearly insatiable.

Best Friends: UJ generally got along well with all crew members; however, she gravitated toward Ashley in the first mission and considered her a best friend. On the Collector mission, UJ spent most of her time between Garrus and Kasumi. Garrus always played it straight and had been with her on the previous mission. Kasmui was there for the girl talk. UJ flirted w/ Kelly for a time, but each considered it harmless, however the “fling” ended when UJ reunited w/ Liara during the Reaper war. During the Reaper war, UJ's respect for Miranda evolved into a genuine friendship.

Three fun facts: 1) Loves music from the 20th Century, especially type classified as rock and roll. Favorite composers include Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, the Ramones and Aretha Franklin. 2) Likes to slam dance. 3) Occasionally smokes a joint just for relaxation.

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Re: Urania Jane "UJ" Shepard

Postby Ground_Squirrel » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:11 am

Thank goodness there was at least a backup of UJ's profile.

Great bio. Poor UJ's been through a lot as well :(

I like the addition of the psychological/emotional profile and it's interesting that she had an eye for Ashley in the beginning. Interesting because of how much it could have influenced her decision on Virmire and how often she might have questioned her decision afterwards.

This reminds me that I really should try and work on Ren's unfinished background.

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