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femshep RP guidelines and info

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:27 pm
by JamieCOTC
femshep role play chat is a freeform role playing community (aka gathering of online friends) that continue the adventures of Commander Shepard in various incarnations. The events of the RP take place roughly ten years after the Reaper war in Mass Effect 3. femshep RP is different from other Mass Effect RPs in that we actually play our Shepards as well as other characters inspired by the Mass Effect universe (and others). Technically we play in a non canon Mass Effect AU (alternate universe) that does not stick strictly to the lore of the BioWare game. femShep RP originated from "talk as your Shepard" days on the chat sometime before the launch of ME3 back in 2011. A few players liked it so much that a separate chat was requested. The RP was then created to carry the tradition over to regular play. We continue to meet and RP as well as chat and welcome all newcomers. We'd love to have you come join us and our main group typically meets between the hours of 10:00 PM EST and 2:30 PM EST (2:00 GMT - 6:30 AM GMT). We have three main room, femshep Roleplay, femshep RP2 and femshep RP3. You may also want to stop by and chat w/ some of us before hand, or play as an original character as long as they can (roughly) fit into the ME universe. Come by there any time! Hope to see you there.

Femshep RP Chat is a freeform style of roleplaying in which almost anything goes. Therefore we don't have any rules as such, but we do adhere to a few guidelines to ensure everyone has fun.

1. We use Chatzy to roleplay, a java based chat system. This can give certain browsers a fit.
2. If you want to speak to the group out of character, (OOC), simply use parenthesis. (What happens next?)
3. If you want to use an action, use an asterix. *Shepard shoots at the Merc*
4. Your character, Shepard or otherwise, is yours. Do with them as you please, but be mindful of other player's characters.
5. Autohit applies only to NPC characters. (generic characters such as “mercs” or “guards” count a NPCs). Rarely do character fight w/ one another, so this is not that big a problem.
6. Use GodeMode sparingly and only if it has been established. (A character from a synthesis galaxy may heal quicker than normal or a character may have a large number of forces at their disposal).
7. Be flexible. If you have a story in mind, run w/ it, but be mindful of how other player’s characters may impact the story. If you are ever in any doubt, simply PM the other players or run it past them in chat.
8. Don't meta game. Just because you know something doesn't mean your character does.
9. Have fun!