Overwatch. Too easy? Too good? or what?

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Overwatch. Too easy? Too good? or what?

Postby Williamhawk » Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:35 am


I've played Overwatch once. The last time Blizzard did a free weekend gameplay. It was fun, to me the game feels as a "cartoony call of duty" so my first instinct is to just run & gun and spray till I get comfortable with the controls.
it mostly felt natural! my very first match was against bots so of course I'm going get a lot of kills and feel as if the game is easy.
so then I decide to play online and mid way through the match I realize I have a 15 player kill streak(playing as D.va)...I was like wait WTF, this is still bots...then I realized, nope I'm playing against real people.

within another 3 or 4 matches I switched around and played as tracer(ok), bastion(fun/ok), Mc'cree(fun/difficult), and I thing Hanzo for like 30 secs.

So what im trying to say is. Is this game too damn easy? or am I just kinda good? Or what?

Please Help.

Thanks !

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